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Lump-sum compensation

Lump-sum compensation can be payable for permanent impairments.

If you lose an arm in an accident at work or the result of a car accident.

These are one-off, non-taxable payments that are paid on top of other ACC entitlements.

These lump-sum payments don’t include compensation for pain and suffering, or for loss of enjoyment of life, resulting from your injury.

However, permanent impairment can include not only physical impairments but also emotional and mental harm caused by rape and sexual abuse.

Eligibility for lump-sum compensation is based on a medical assessment of the claimant’s impairment.

ACC will appoint an assessor who must decide if the claimant is permanently impaired, and if so, to what degree or “percentage”. In assessing impairment.

To qualify for lump-sum compensation, a claimant must have suffered a minimum threshold of 10 percent degree of impairment.

Usually, assessment for lump-sum compensation takes place after ACC receives information, from a registered medical practitioner, that the claimant’s personal injury has stabilized, and that it is likely that there is permanent impairment.

Alternatively, if after two years the practitioner states that the claimant’s personal injury has not stabilized but that permanent impairment is likely, an assessment can take place.

ACC Advocacy

Advocates work independently of ACC. 

This group of people is often experts in ACC services and law if you are on this website you may be looking for help with an ACC claim.

As a user, of ACC advocacy services I have been made acutely aware ACC, is hard to deal with.

Financial Advisory

If your accident has been a bad accident or you suffer permanent injuries some ACC payouts can be quite large.

You may want to seek financial advice if you are likely to receive a big payout. remember your payout is normally a one-off, spend it wisely save it if you can.

Legal Services

ACC case lawyers, Depending on the size of your claim and the likely impact on your life an accident can cause. You are unfortunately likely to face hurdles with ACC.

If the battle becomes too much you can contact a lawyer to help. Take my advice to be wary of anything you sign, investigate fees and charges before signing.

ACC Advocates