ACC Advocates.

ACC advocates can help people during difficult times in their lives. People have problems getting ACC to accept their claims. Please email us asking for the ACC advocates list to be emailed to you.


Getting your claim rejected quickly turns into unneeded stress on many people during a difficult time in their lives.

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ACC Advocates NZ

Lump-Sum Payments. 

Lump-sum compensation is payable for permanent impairments – for example, if you lose a finger in a machine accident at work. These are one-off, non-taxable payments that are paid on top of other ACC entitlements.


These lump-sum payments don’t include compensation for pain and suffering, or for loss of enjoyment of life, resulting from your impairment. However, permanent impairment can include not only physical impairments, but also mental harm caused by trauma rape, and sexual abuse. ACC can pay lump-sum payments for sensitive claims.


When and how lump sum compensation payments will be made. Trauma can have many causes while these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives.

Lump-Sum Claims ACC Lump Sum Specialises Legal Services. 

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In the image, block choose an image best suited to your services. An ACC advocate is someone independent of ACC (eg, from a community law center or health support group) who is willing to speak to ACC on your behalf and clarify any issues you have during the claims process.

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