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ACC Advocates to help you with ACC NZ. Claim not accepted have you been treated unfairly by ACC get help on this site. 

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ACC Advocacy

Advocates work independently of ACC. 

This group of people is often experts in ACC services and law if you are on this website you may be looking for help with an ACC claim.

As a user, myself of ACC advocacy services I have been made acutely aware ACC are hard to deal with.


Legal Services

ACC case lawyers, Depending on the size of your claim and the likely impact on your life an accident can cause. You are unfortunately likely to face hurdles with ACC.

If the battle becomes too much you can contact a lawyer to help. Take my advice to be wary of anything you sign, investigate fees and charges before signing.

ACC advocates

Financial Advisory

If your accident has been a bad accident or you suffer permanent injuries some ACC payouts can be quite large.

You may want to seek financial advice if you are likely to receive a big payout. remember your payout is normally a one-off, spend it wisely save it if you can.


ACC Advocates from around NZ

  • ACC Advocates

    ACC advocates will save you time and often money dealing with a difficult ACC.

  • Hard Working

    Most ACC advocates and lawyers will work hard for you to gain results.

  • Availability

    On this website, you can find ACC Advocates and lawyers who are available to discuss your needs.


What ACC Advocates Clients Say?

My husband a carpet layer now in his 40s injured his knee in a rugby accident 20 years ago after 6 weeks of treatment he returned to work. He has now injured the same knee this time skiing, ACC declined the claim we needed help and found it with a great ACC advocate.

Amanda Lee

Our son lost a leg in an accident. His job required climbing ladders, fitted with an artificial limb. ACC expected him to return to his job, his employer was not at all keen.

We found help and support with a local advocate experienced in ACC law.

Adam Cheise

Director at Dynamic

ACC declined my claim and turned my accident experience into a huge stressful battle until I got legal advice. ACC clearly acted outside of the ACC act that binds them.

Bruce Black
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